Ankle Support , Plantar Fasciitis Foot Compression, Heel Silicone Pad

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 Silicone Ankle Support Sleeve

Ankle Support , Plantar Fasciitis Foot Compression, Heel Silicone Pad

Support and stabilizes injured or weak ankles during activities. Breathable sleeve which can been worn on either ankle.


The silicone pad around the sleeve will support ankle sprains, and other related injuries. A perfect foot ankle brace for general heel pain treatment and running with sprained ankles.

The sleeve is comfortable and easy to wear: Thanks to the newly weaving technology, this great ankle brace is easy to wear and ultra-comfort even during all night sleep. It does provide consistent and equal pressure to all the needed area, and you will find significant difference from the common compression sock.




Will help prevent injuries during activities and improve blood circulation.

  • Provides ankle & arch support, helps reduce heel and foot pain & provide relief from plantar fasciitis
  • Helps boost circulation to your feet, reducing swellings and enabling faster recovery from tired feet
  • Ideal for those who are on their feet a lot or play sports regularly.  This silicon sleeve can be worn with shoes or under normal socks 


Also great for:

  • Pain relief, rehab, fitness, training, playing sports



  • 1 piece (1 foot)

Colour available:

  • Grey

Sizes available:

  • Medium
  • Large

Customer Reviews

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brian telfer

It works ok but I preferred the support you can tighten via Velcro straps, I bought one from you 9 months ago but you no longer supply

Thank you for your kind review :)